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RunDisney Wine and Dine Meet-UP.


For me the third time was the charm. Before the last three runDisney events, I pretty much stalked the Disney Parks Blog website, waiting for the announcement that it was time to enter for the meet-up. I didn’t get in the first two times, but this time… I got in to the Wine and Dine Meet Up! I could not wait for the meet-up and read several other blogs to get a little information on what was going to happen.

Our meet-up was scheduled for the Friday before race day at 7:00 am. It was earlier, considering I got to Walt Disney World late the night before, plus I had to adjust to the three hour time difference coming from the west coast. Amazingly, I wasn’t tired, and woke up before the alarm went off. It was definetly the excitement of the meet-up.

The meet-up was held at Epcot and I arrived at the turnstiles where a group of participants was already gathering. After checking in and signing some kind of waiver, I received a “goody bag” inside the bag was a runDisney shirt. I didn’t know that it was going to be a women’s shirt and had ordered a size too small. Fortunately, they had extra shirts and I was able to exchange it for a larger size. We were encouraged to put them on, so why not?

We then were asked to choose one of two running groups, the first group was lead by the two time winner of the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, Anton Van Zyl, this group was going to run the entire distance. The second group was led by Jeff Galloway and this group was going to go by his run/walk method, walking 30 seconds, then running 30 seconds. I chose the Galloway group. I do use the run/walk method during my long training runs, however, I use a ratio more like running 4 minutes, walking 1 minute. At first it was hard to get used to the 30 second ratio, seemed like I was just getting started running before we walked again, but after a few repeats, it flowed easily. The total run was less then two miles, with a stop along the way to take pictures with Mickey Mouse.

We ended our run in Germany. There, we were treated to coffee, orange juice, water, and muffins and we took a seat at the tables.

We were treated to talks from several guest speakers, including Jeff Galloway, Anton Van Zyl, and Tara Gidus, the Official Nutritionist of runDisney. We also had Chef Steff the “Sports Chef,” cook a pre-race entree for us, which we got to sample!

After the talk, we received additiona goodies, including a one-day, one-park pass, a $10 Disney gift card, and a runDisney bottle. We then went outside to take pictures with the speakers, and of course, Mickey Mouse. Since I call Mickey my boyfriend, I took the opportunity to sneek a kiss!

And, a final group picture and we were done.

Yes, it was the highlight of the weekend! Thank you runDisney!

Disneyland Half Marathon Expo

Love the Disneyland half marathon as it is the first half marathon I ran.  Since this year was my fourth time, I was used to the routine. First stop was the Expo, where I visited my favorite booths. I always like to go to the Angels booth and try my luck on the wheel. I don’t remember it being there the first year I ran. The second year I won a hat. That was when I officially became an Angels fan – just don’t ask me to choose between the Angels and the Mariners!  Last year I arrived at the expo later on the last day. All they had left were stick on tatoos. This year I also arrived Saturday afternoon and was happy to see that they had hats and backpacks left.  This year I won the backpack.  I also made a purchase at the TeamSparkle booth. I bought a sparkle visor to match my gunmetal skirt.


I also picked up a  poster at the Lasting Commeratives booth. They were selling the posters for $20, but I was fotunate to print out and bring the free offer with me.           

I also visited the Cliff booth and picked up the paper bracelets with estimated run times so I could track my time during the race and hopefully hit my goal. Since I didn’t have any idea how I was going to run, having taken time off from running because of injury, I picked up two bracelets. One for a time of 2:30, and one for 2:15.

Then my daughter-in-law and I stopped at the speaker’s area and listened to a speaker talk about diet while making encouraging posters for her and my husband to hold up during the race.

Lastly, we went to the Disney merchandise area. I was disappointed because several of the items I was interested in were already sold out, like the wine glassess and the purple women’s shirt with a “D” on it.

Based on my experience, the Expo is a great part of the Disneyland half marathon weekend. However, I would recommend trying to go on Friday if you can, before items are sold out.

I found a way to earn money for charities while doing my regular excersize activites. Charity Miles is an iPhone/Android app that you can use to earn corporate sponsorships for charity by walking, running or biking.

The app is very easy to use. Just choose a charity and press start. As you walk, run or bike, the app tracks your distance and you earn money for your charity. Bikers earn 10¢ per mile; walkers and runners earn 25¢ per mile. Users can track their time, milage and impact.

There are ten charities to choose from, including ASPCA, Achilles International, Autism Speaks, Feeding America, The Global Fund, Habitat for Humanity,The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, The Nature Conservatory, Pencils of Promise, and World Food Programme.

I know that some runners and bikers already have a chosen method for keeping track of their workouts, such as a GPS device, or another app. I encourage those people to consider using this app for at least their cross training days, or when they are taking their dog for a walk, or when going on a leisurely bike ride with the family. Even a mile here and there helps these charities.

You are not asked to raise money. You are asked to share your activity on facebook in order to accept the corporate sponsorship. You are given the option to also share on twitter.

Charity Miles can be found on facebook and also on twitter @charitymiles. I have received several tweets from the charities I have run or walked for, thanking me for my participation.

I received a t-shirt from Charity Miles just because I expressed an interest in one. I also participated in a Charity Miles challenge while the Olympics were in progress. the challenge was to run at least one mile for each Charity Miles charity. In return they would send you a specially designed Charity Miles t-shirt to commemorate the Olympics.


I got the e-mail saying I completed the challenge and will be receiving this shirt. I am very excited and am patiently waiting to receive it.

So, if you are out there walking, running, or biking anyway, why not download this app and make your miles matter?


The Playlist

My friend forgot to bring her Ipod to work. She likes listening to music while she works so she won’t be distracted by others. Another coworker offered her his Ipod and she took him up on the offer. Every once in a while I heard her singing along and sometimes I heard her giggle. At the end of the day she gave the Ipod back and told the owner that she was surprised he liked polka music! I was surprised too! It just didn’t seem like “him”. We all came to the conclusion that if you want to learn about a person, you should listen to the music on their Ipod. In fact, it can be such a personal thing, that some people don’t want others to listen to their music.

I think that is why I am having so much fun creating my playlist for my Make-A-Wish races by asking friends and family to select a song with their donation. Sometimes the requester will tell me why they picked that particular song and that makes it even better for me. For example, My sister picked “Yo-yo” by the Osmonds because that was the song her drill team used. Now when I hear it I think about my sister as a teenager on the drill team, and how cool I thought she was. My cousin picked a very beautiful song called “I’ll miss you”. She told me it was in memory of her son and told me the story of how that song played on his Ipod after he had passed away. I can’t help but think of her and her son when that song plays, and I also think of my brother Kyle. Somes songs picked I just love, but would not have thought about putting on my playlist like “Indian Reservation”. Most shocking, my 80-year old mother picked the song “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner, and brought me her CD in case I hadn’t heard it.

I’m not sure about the latest edition to my playlist “Sunshine and Chocolate”. I have never heard the song before. I think this cousin is being a jokester, but that fits his personality. I just hope for his sake it is not pure torture, because I will remember who put that on my list!

To see my playlist you can go to my fundraising page as all the songs are listed there. Each song on the list is special to someone for one reason or another,

Keep the songs coming. I love it!



Every June 8th, I wake up and say “Happy Birthday Kyle!” He always loved birthdays, his or someone else’s.

I decided to make a donation to my Make-A-Wish fundraiser for his birthday. I also wanted to add a song to my play list that he liked and reminded me of him.  This idea was inspired by my cousin Linda, who chose a beautiful song for my play list in remembrance of her son. At first, I concentrated on his teenage years, but could not come up with a song he liked. Maybe another family member can remember.

Then a scene popped into my mind. It was of Kyle, about 6 years old, in the backyard on the swing set. He was swinging back and forth and singing at the top of his lungs “He’s got the whole world in his hands”. (It was probably on a Sunday, after church). He had a period where he sang that song all the time, and once I heard him sing it, it got stuck in my head all day.

So, although it is not the type of song I would normally have on my play list, that is the song I chose.

Happy Birthday Kyle!

MacCarran Airport 10k

   I started running at 47 years old and now, at 50, I decided to set a goal to raise money for Make  A W ish Foundation. 

We completed the third race on June 2, 2012. It was a chance-in-a-lifetime run as this race will never be held again. MacCarran airport will be opening another terminal, T3, at the end of this month. In celebration of this event, the held this running event.  We chose to run the 10k as we are training to do longer distances.  It was warm, around 90 degrees. Despite the temperature, it was a very successful race for me.  I finished the race in 50:42, with a pace of 8:11. This is the fastest I have ever run. Maybe the 10k is the race for me.  I came in 2nd in my age group, and therefore, received a medal.

Kyle had more competition in his age group and did not place, therefore, he didn’t get a medal.  He has been working several jobs and hadn’t been able to train before the race.

The race was well organized and had some great vendors. I think my favorite was the Hawaiin ice. The provided a free ice to everyone after the race. I got the watermelon flavor..Yumm.

Additionally, I got some great news from @BlissHabits. I won the $100 giveaway to my favorite charity. This was added to the fundraiser.  I recommend to everyone to follow @BlissHabits on twitter and facebook.

For my current training I am participating in the Runner’s World running streak with my nephew. It consists of running at least one mile every day until the 4th of July. As of today, we are on day 9 of 38 days. It is great motivation to be doing this challenge with my nephew. Hopefully it will help me to run a faster mile.

I really loved the playlist I listened to as I ran this race, chosen by the Make A Wish contributers. I did remember who requested each song and it brough a smile to my face to think of them as I ran.  I still need 5 to 8 more songs to have a complete playlist for the half marathon so I hope I get some more requests before the half marathon scheduled in July.  Please visit my page with the link below to see our progress so far!